If size alone dictated value, then Contractor-Grade condos would be priced similar to Pre-War Gems. And if being a newly constructed building equated to similar pricing structures, then again- no one could account for the quality or anemities in any two buildings. Sure, location, size, and amenities do play a role in the value of given condominiums, but clearly, this is not the only litmus test of value. You will find a large selection in this neighborhood because a lot of these are for sale right now. Midland Terrace has condos that were mostly built around 2001, so it is relatively new. Midland Terrace has a traditional condo setup, and it is very comparable to The Peninsula on James Island. However, there are townhomes that offer condominium style ownership. Purchasing a condo is no different than buying a home. You must still secure a mortgage through a bank and the property can be foreclosed if you fail to make your monthly payments. The Highlands is a subsection of Legend Oaks Plantation. These condominiums are comparable to the Dunes West condos in Mt. Some of these overlook the golf course. This is the income limit to receive the maximum $7,500 tax credit.

Recreational facilities such as a gym or swimming pool are often found at the condo property. However, washer and dryer units are not included even though laundry facilities are provided. 1830 has long been the perennial favorite of many Philadelphians, is very well known and holds a strong position in the eyes of the Philly condo buying set as being the benchmark of quality, cache, and taste. The perception of the strength of the building, especially in the eyes of most Philadelphia Realtors is that 1830 is ground zero for being a top pre-war destination for many buyers. Though I would hardly argue this point, it is valid to ask, how did the building become such a benchmark, and why does it sell at a significantly higher dollar per square foot than similar buildings with many of the same attributes? However, in Summerville the market for condos is considerably different because buyers choose affordable condos (most sales are under $150K). I have included below some of the most popular condo communities in Summerville. Grand Oaks Preserve has more of a townhouse setup with 2 stories, but they are technically condos. Light and neutral colors on the walls make it easier to sell a condo in the future, but they are not fun to look at every day.

They check security daily and supervise swimming and recreation areas. The association sets the amount and types of duties the manager is responsible for. Which begs the question- if location, style and amenities don’t dictate price structure, then what does? One could easily argue that a portion of the price is based on the fact that 1830 sits on the square, as 250 S. That certainly would account for a some of the difference in value. America’s beaches are more popular than any other vacation destinations and the joys of beach living appeal to many. In recent years, America’s most beautiful beaches have begun to cater to the beach side living dream with luxurious condo constructions designed for a relaxing, oceanside lifestyle. Not only does Myrtle Beach offer a gorgeous beach with miles of pristine white sand meeting the rolling waves, the area attractions are endless. Limiting clutter also means downsizing. Throw out 20 years worth of old paperwork and old or broken items that you keep meaning to fix. Everything that does not have emotional significance or is used frequently needs to be kept out of your new condo space.

The Highland has great amenities including a pool and tennis courts. Legend Oaks Plantation is one of the largest and most popular neighborhoods in Summerville. It has houses, townhouses, and condos. To generate interest in the project and to guarantee plenty of initial buyers, preconstruction condos are sold for a fraction of the final selling price. With preconstruction condos, vacation home buyers can enjoy their dream beach home at an affordable price. Preconstruction condos can be found as low as $120,000, making the beach living dream a reality for almost anyone. Most condos are cheaper to buy and single family homes and they often come with upgraded amenities like a pool and wireless internet. They make great vacation homes especially in known tourist spots. However, condominiums have their dark side too. Golfers can enjoy more than 100 world class golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area, while cultural enthusiasts can take in a musical, visit one of the numerous art galleries and museums, or dine with entertainment at the famous Myrtle Beach dinner theaters. Myrtle Beach is a shopper’s paradise, with a variety of outlet stores, bargain flea market venues, oceanfront boutiques on the scenic boardwalk, and open air malls with activities for all ages and the dining options in the area offer just as much variety, from local seafood to elegant dining and international cuisine.

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